Professional Development Services

I provide professional development services for the following types of  businesses and organizations:

  • Medical and other healthcare provider practices (solo or group)
  • Professional service firms (legal, accounting, consulting, engineering, technology, etc.)
  • Professional associations
  • Non-profit service organizations
  • Family-run businesses

I offer a specific set of services based on my experience and expertise.

Individual Coaching

Improving Communication and Management Performance

Coaching is a focused initiative designed to improve present-tense issues/problems primarily occurring in one’s workplace or career. I often work with owners, executives, and middle managers to help them assess the fit of their positions (and sometimes their career choices) with their goals and interests, improve the effectiveness of interpersonal communication, and re-develop/implement more optimal management skills.

As a coach I can:

  • Develop your management expertise and toolkit.
  • Improve your cognitive flexibility and the accuracy of your interpretations of the situations you encounter. Thus enhancing your ability to make informed decisions.
  • Help you control your emotional reactions, especially in meetings and other interpersonal interactions.
  • Provide interpersonal communication skills training and model effective techniques.
  • Help you evaluate your work habits and modify them as situations evolve.


Effective Problem-Solving and Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a proven and relatively brief problem-solving process developed to move parties away from their positions/demands (hard line statements with only one way to satisfy them) toward acknowledging underlying needs and interests in order to negotiate a mutually-acceptable resolution. There are usually many ways to satisfy needs and interests and identifying those, landing on common ground, and formulating an action plan is the deliverable.


Meetings With Outcomes and Strategic Planning Processes

I have over 25 years of project management and meeting facilitation experience within the types of organizations listed above as well as large hospitals and healthcare systems. As a facilitator, I have no authority to make decisions. My role is ensuring that the meeting(s) or process I am facilitating meets agreed upon objectives productively and efficiently. The key to achieving this goal is effective planning for the meeting (including agenda development and collateral materials) as well as the skills and expertise I deploy within the meeting itself.

Family-Systems Therapy

Resolving Underlying Dynamics for Optimal Teamwork

It may seem obvious that family-run businesses might need family therapy to resolve conflicts, but in fact small organizations often begin to look, feel, and function like families after awhile and management members can fall into designated roles. All of which can make problem-solving and conflicts difficult to resolve. Where there is an underlying dysfunctional family-like dynamic in play, I deploy a set of tools developed from family systems therapy. They are highly effective group techniques designed to shift behavior and communication toward optimal functioning.


The first step is to contact me, I prefer email to as I can often respond more quickly. I will usually get back to you within a few hours.