Health System Navigator/Coach

The health care system is comprised of different types of organizations; hospitals, doctors’ offices, testing facilities, skilled nursing homes, home healthcare, etc. When we are well we primarily deal with one (occasionally two) of these – our doctor’s office and perhaps a separate lab.

When we are ill, the number of organizations we must interact with in order to receive care can increase exponentially. As a result, the differences between these organizations and how they function becomes more obvious, as does the complexity and fragmentation of services we experience as we attempt to move through them as a patient.

When we are ill, this complexity can become overwhelming; the fragmentation of services (who does what, where, and in what order) can make us feel as though we have a full-time job “managing” all the aspects of our care, and to compound matters we have to manage in what seems like a foreign country with its own language. And all of this is happening while we are not feeling well and may be scared.

Added to this are all of the financial complexities that exist. New (or established) insurance policies with issues that only become apparent as we use more services, paperwork that doesn’t make much sense because it uses terms like “co-payment, co-insurance, deductibles” that aren’t really defined, multiple bills from multiple providers that may or may not match what our insurer has said is “patient responsibility”. On a good day it’s confusing and perhaps annoying; when we are not feeling well and somewhat frightened by what is happening, it adds significantly to our stress.

I have worked within the health care system and all of its many organizations for the last 30 years; as both an administrator and a consultant. I am the ultimate insider. I can help you understand the processes you encounter, optimally interact with providers and staff, know and utilize all the services/resources available to you, and efficiently escalate unresolved issues.

As a Health System Navigation Coach I can help you gain the knowledge, skills, tools, and confidence to become an active participant in your care. Whether you simply need assistance understanding your insurance plan and its limitations or you and your family need help navigating the system during a true crisis I can:

  • Help you manage your emotions so that you can effectively think
  • Facilitate your informed decision-making process
  • Clarify your options and choices
  • Interpret available quality, outcome, and other data
  • Impart communication skills to help you talk effectively with your care provider team
  • Keep track of where you are in the diagnostic and treatment process
  • Clarify the insurance and other payment processes
  • Mediate family issues regarding care and key decisions